Welcome to Mountain Front Resources

I have really enjoyed doing business with Mountain Front Resources. They were very friendly and professional. They were always available if I had any questions or concerns. They obtained and sent all the paperwork to me, which made it very easy on my end. They were very understanding that I needed everything done quickly, and they were very accommodating. I received an amazing deal on the price per acre, which no other company came close to matching. I highly recommend Mountain Front Resources, and look forward to doing business with them again in the future.

- A. Castillo, California

When I was approached by Mountain Front Resources I was skeptical. I did my homework and was assured they were a legitimate company. When I decided to complete my transaction with them, I was pleased with the professionalism, the immediacy of communication and the efficiency with how the transaction was managed.

- A. Bishop, Rhode Island

My negotiations with Mountain Front Resources were very acceptable and professional. After a very friendly introduction, they presented their company in a very positive and impressive manner. Negotiations were simple, complete, and very acceptable.
Payment by Mountain Front Resources was very prompt, complete, and directly to my bank. I recommend them highly.

- D. Wooldridge, Arizona

I am pleased to recommend Mountain Front Resources. Since I had been unable to lease my mineral rights, I had some interest in selling a portion of them, but had not received any offers worth even as much as a lease, if I could get one, so I just sat on them. In the midst of a family health/financial crisis, out of the blue I received an inquiry from MFR. After some discussion, they made me a great offer on a portion of my interests and promptly fulfilled every promise they made to me.

- M. Shepherd, Arizona

Overall great experience. Knowledgeable staff, direct and prompt response to all my questions. Made the overall process easy. I highly recommend working with them.

- T. Marriott, Texas

Excellent communications and all was delivered, paid, and closed as promised. Payment was as stated and in a timely manner. I would definitely be glad to do business with Mountain Front Resources, LLC again and I would recommend Mountain Front to my friends.

- S. Veatch, California

The communication with Mountain Front Resources was clear and concise. When all was agreed upon, the finalization and money transfer was quick and easy.

- W. Quisenberry, California

I had a mineral property which I wanted to lease. I entered into negotiations with first one oil company and then another but neither were flexible to consider my leasing terms. I had received a purchase offer from Mountain Front and queried them as to leasing possibilities. They rapidly searched the market and came up with a taker at a good price who allowed me to basically write my own lease. Communications with Mr. Adam Johnson allowed this to happen. We closed the deal and I had a check promptly. I would recommend Mountain Front Resources to a friend as responsible, talented in communication, and knowledgeable of the oil patch.

- T. Swain, Mexico

It was a pleasure doing business with Mountain Front Resources with the sale of my Oil and Mineral rights in Oklahoma. They are very knowledgeable in their business, and everything went very smooth in our transactions.

- M. Hightower, California